Granite Ridge Development District/THE RIDGE Market Place Development

Project Highlights

  • 300,000 Square Foot Open-Air Retail Shopping Center
  • Greater Shopping Convenience for Rochester Residents
  • Economic Boost for the City of Rochester
  • Private & Public Development Collaboration
  • Full Range of Engineering Services
  • Tax Increment Financing

Land Developer and City Collaborate to Make Shopping Center a Reality

The City of Rochester has been making great economic strides over the last decade, which is reflected by the rise of multiple development projects. This includes a new one-stop shopping center that is bringing greater shopping convenience to Rochester residents. This high profile development is also on track to substantially boost the City’s economic base.

A Unique Partnership for Success

This unique public and private project was the result of close collaboration between the land developer, Waterstone Retail, and the City of Rochester. The 300,000 square foot open-air retail shopping center includes a mix of retailers, restaurants, personal services, and entertainment providers. The project also features a newly constructed public roadway, roundabout, and a public park for seasonal events and community gatherings.

One of the project challenges was how to fit a roundabout into a development that was already under construction. We managed to fit a mini roundabout on the site without reducing leasable space, and staying on schedule.

A Prime Spot for Retail Development

This area of Rochester was identified decades ago as a prime spot for retail development since it is located on a major route to New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. After the New Hampshire Department of Transportation completed a massive highway expansion of NH Route 16 through Rochester in 2012, the retail development project became feasible.


Part of this project was funded using Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Services Snapshot

Our range of services included: site/civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, water system and pump station design, geotechnical services, and traffic engineering.

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