Sanctuary Care at Rye

Project Highlights

  • 56-Room Assisted Living Facility
  • Six Rain Gardens for Stormwater Treatment
  • 48,000 Square Foot Footprint

Assisted Living Facility Provides Attractive Sanctuary for Residents

Located on a 5.8 acre lot on Lafayette Road (U.S. Route 1), this project consisted of the construction of a one-story, 56-room assisted living facility (48,000 SF footprint) with associated site improvements. This included an access drive from Lafayette Road, a service vehicle drive around the perimeter of the building, a parking lot, underground utilities, an on-site subsurface disposal system, lighting, landscaping and a stormwater management system that consists of a series of rain gardens.

This project was designed with a zero net off-site discharge of stormwater. Due to favorable subsurface conditions, all stormwater is treated by a series of six rain gardens that provide not only stormwater treatment but an attractive landscape feature to the residents.

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