Dudley PFAS Water Treatment Plant & Water Main

Project Highlights

  • PFAS Treatment
  • Water Treatment Plant Design
  • Water Main Installation

Removing PFAS and Connecting a Water Distribution System

The Town of Dudley selected Tighe & Bond to provide design, bidding, permitting, and construction phase services for construction of a 1.3 MGD water treatment plant to remove polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from all four of their active water wells – Well No. 3, Well No. 6, Well No. 7, and Well No. 8. New water mains will be installed to deliver the well water to the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and to connect the WTP to the Town’s water distribution system.

Before the PFAS WTP is operational, Tighe & Bond assisted the Town with temporary measures to reduce PFAS concentrations in the groundwater supplies and assisted the Town with design and construction of a 1,500 LF water main from Well No. 7 to temporarily blend with low PFAS water from Well No. 6. In addition, Tighe & Bond assisted the Town with design and construction of a temporary PFAS treatment system utilizing an exterior pad mounted, 40,000 lb granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment vessel at Well No. 7 to restrict the need for blending and increase the available production capacity from Well No. 7 and Well No. 6.

When the new 1.3 MGD PFAS plant is operational, the temporary PFAS treatment vessel will be relocated to the new plant, which will incorporate one new 12-foot-diameter GAC vessel and space for the vessel at Well No. 7. Raw water from all the wells will be routed to the new PFAS WTP through new water mains and combined into a single plant influent line.

Tighe & Bond provided design, permitting, and is now performing construction phase services for the associated PFAS Raw and Finished water mains. The water mains consist of an approximately one mile raw water transmission main from the Town’s Pump Station No. 1. Tighe & Bond performed design, permitting, and construction to replace the existing vacuum prime wells with three new gravel packed wells, process piping, and instrumentation. The finished water main from the new WTP was provided to mitigate the pressure spikes in the distribution system due to all of the Town’s source water entering the distribution system from the new WTP. Approximately one mile of additional water main was included to spread the distribution system point of entry throughout the system.

This approximately $11.5M project is currently under construction. This project and the Pump Station No. 1 project were fully funded by the Massachusetts Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) in 2020 and 2021. Tighe & Bond assisted the Town with securing $150,000 from MassDEP Interim PFAS Grants to offset the cost of action for the temporary blending transmission main.

Services Snapshot

The engineers at Tighe & Bond worked on the design, permitting, grant writing, and construction phase services for the water treatment upgrades at the Water Treatment Plant in the Town of Dudley. The improvements will work to remove PFAS from the community’s water wells.

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