Niantic Pump Station – 3D Scan to Revit Model

Project Highlights

  • 3D Scan of Dry Pit Structure
  • Revit Rendering of Scan
  • Point Cloud Modeling
  • Recommended Piping Improvements

3D Scanning Provides Reliable Existing Conditions Model

The Niantic Wastewater Pumping Station represents a critical component of the Town of East Lyme, CT, sewer system, as it serves as the last pumping station before sewage is conveyed through the Town of Waterford to the New London Water Pollution Control Facility. The station is a multi-level structure that includes a below-grade 3-section wet well and an adjacent dry pit housing four flooded-suction wastewater pumps, the pumping station required comprehensive evaluation of the dry pit and modifications to address significant pump vibration issues.

Tighe & Bond utilized the Trimble X7 3D scanning device to conduct an existing conditions survey of the dry pit lower level. The Trimble X7, equipped with cutting-edge features such as auto-calibration and self-leveling, ensured exceptional accuracy while minimizing downtime. By capturing a detailed 3D scan of the area, the team was able to create an accurate and realistic rendering of the dry pit lower level using Revit modeling software.

The 3D scan revealed discrepancies between the original record drawings from the 1960s and the actual state of the facility, which had undergone various upgrades and modifications over the years. This discovery highlighted the limitations of relying solely on outdated documentation. With the completion of the 3D scan, the Town of East Lyme now possesses a reliable and up-to-date model and rendering of the Niantic facility.

The creation of the existing conditions model utilizing the point cloud generated by the 3D laser scanner enabled Tighe & Bond to determine that only minor modifications to the existing discharge header were necessary. This crucial finding, made possible by the detailed scan process, ultimately minimized the time and cost associated with the overall design effort and potential rework. By avoiding major design changes and focusing solely on the required modifications, the project achieved greater efficiency and cost savings for the Town of East Lyme.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond’s utilization of 3D laser scanning for the existing conditions modeling of the Niantic Wastewater Pumping Station exemplifies the numerous benefits this technology brings to infrastructure projects. The accurate survey provided by the Trimble X7 3D scanning device allowed for the identification of discrepancies in the original record drawings, ensuring a more reliable model and rendering of the facility. Additionally, the ability to detect the need for only minor modifications through the 3D scan process reduced design efforts and associated costs. With these advantages in mind, 3D laser scanning emerges as a valuable tool for achieving efficiency and accuracy in existing conditions modeling.

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