Why Us?

At Tighe & Bond, it’s all about client focus. We listen. We ask questions. We find solutions. We take our commitment to personalized, high-quality service, and satisfied clients seriously.

Local Knowledge, Dedication, & Personalized Service

Although our comprehensive knowledge of design, engineering, environmental, and planning consulting services is critical, so is our dedication to integrity, excellence, reliability, commitment, and respect. These are the characteristics that are embedded in our culture, business practices, and people. These are the qualities that we bring to each project and client.

Using a thoughtful and personalized approach, we develop long-term solutions that are appropriate to the unique needs, budget, and culture of businesses, governments, and institutions, just like yours.

Innovative, Yet Practical

In a profession known for black-and-white thinking, we focus on bright ideas, green strategies, and clear solutions. Yet we never lose track of what is practical, cost-effective, technically sound, and the right choice for our clients’ long-term goals.

Client & Community Focused

The focus of our company is providing consulting solutions across the Northeast, from New York to Maine. Our people are dedicated to their professions, and to the communities in which they work and live. Friendly and talented, they excel at providing both innovative and technically sound solutions.

Employee Owned

Our employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) offers a unique opportunity for employees to own company stock, directly rewarding them for their performance and long-term employment. Our staff is invested in both the outcome of our work and the future of our organization.

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