Why Choose Tighe & Bond?

At Tighe & Bond, it’s all about you. We listen. We ask questions. We find solutions. We take our commitment to personalized, high quality service, and satisfied clients seriously.

Local Knowledge, Dedication, & Personalized Service

Although our comprehensive knowledge of civil and environmental services is critical, so is our dedication to integrity, excellence, reliability, commitment, and respect. These are the characteristics that are embedded in our culture, business practices, and people. These are the qualities that we bring to each project and client.

Using a thoughtful and personalized approach, we develop long term engineering solutions that are appropriate to the unique needs, budget and culture of businesses, communities, and institutions just like yours.

Easy to Use One-Stop Shopping

As a regional engineering and environmental consulting leader in the Northeast, you can count on our local knowledge and expertise to solve some of your biggest challenges. With a full and broad suite of engineering and environmental consulting services, we readily can provide you with the expertise that you need – all in one place. Our goal is your goal: streamlined and easy-to-use services that achieve great results.

Innovative, Yet Practical

In a profession known for black-and-white thinking, we focus on bright ideas, green strategies, and clear solutions. Yet we never lose track of what is practical, cost-effective, technically sound, and the right choice for you.

Client & Community Focused

Making the lives of our clients easier is the goal, and going the extra mile for them is the norm. Our people are dedicated to their professions, and to the communities in which they work and live. Friendly and talented, they excel at providing both innovative and technically sound solutions.

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