Sandwich Local Comprehensive Plan

Project Highlights

  • Analysis of Public Input
  • Inventory of Existing Assets and Conditions
  • Draft and Final LCP

Comprehensive Planning on the Cape Coast

Tighe & Bond is working with the Town of Sandwich to complete a comprehensive update to their 2010 Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP), bringing the plan into conformance with the 2018 Regional Policy Plan and Cape Cod Commission 2019 Local Comprehensive Plan Regulations. Tighe & Bond’s scope includes analysis of data and input received at public workshops conducted by the Town in 2021 and preparation of existing conditions, assistance with development of goals, policies, and recommended actions, and a capital facilities plan for the LCP update. Tighe & Bond is working with the Sandwich Planning & Economic Development staff and the LCP Steering Committee to develop a draft and final LCP to be presented at the Fall 2023 Town Meeting.

Tighe & Bond has prepared an inventory and overview of existing assets and conditions to guide the LCP’s discussion about future growth and development and resource protection in the Town. Tighe & Bond will also assist the Town with capital facilities planning to support the LCP Vision and Goals, housing plan summary, and a targeted action plan, including an implementation schedule with time frames and priorities for completion of action items. Tighe & Bond will also assist the Town in preparing the draft and final LCP.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond provided an analysis of input received from public meetings, as well as an analysis of the existing conditions in the town. Tighe & Bond is continuing to help the Town by designing a capital facilities plan, as well as drafting the final Local Comprehensive Plan.

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