Scituate Lighthouse Structural Improvements

Project Highlights

  • Existing conditions assessment and report
  • Engineering design services for emergency lamp room protection or removal
  • Lighthouse restoration design and construction contract administration
  • Environmental permitting and regulatory review

Restoration of a 200-Year Old Historic Lighthouse

Tighe & Bond (work performed as Coastal Engineering Co. prior to acquisition) was engaged by the Spencer Preservation Group to assess, stabilize, and restore the historic Scituate Lighthouse. Originally constructed in 1811, the lighthouse served as a guide to sailors for decades, before eventually being extinguished when an offshore lighthouse was determined to be better-suited for the duty. In 1994, the lighthouse was relit as part of historic preservation efforts.

Our engineers conducted initial and exploratory investigations to identify immediate stability concerns and associated mitigation recommendations. Following that, a comprehensive plan was developed for long-term structural improvements that are sensitive to the history of the structure.

Tighe & Bond’s scope of work also included engineering design services for the emergency protection or removal of the historic lantern room at Scituate Lighthouse. Construction activities for the long-term preservation work began in mid-2023 and were substantially complete by the end of the year, with the lantern room now re-installed.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond (work performed as Coastal Engineering Co. prior to acquisition) provided an exploratory assessment of structural conditions at Scituate Lighthouse, then provided design and construction administration services for a restoration of the lighthouse.

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