Salem Common Conceptual Master Plan

Project Highlights

  • Site asset inventory
  • Phased priority proposal for projects
  • Cost estimates for proposed projects

Bringing New Life to a 200-Year Old Park

Since its establishment in 1803, the Salem Common’s shady promenade and expansive lawns have provided a landscape of calm beauty and a focal point for community events and recreation. As Salem’s oldest park, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Salem Common requires ongoing attention and investment.

In an effort to protect and enhance this historic park to meet current usage needs, the Friends of the Salem Common hired Halvorson | Tighe & Bond Studio to develop a Conceptual Master Plan. Halvorson and our team of experts inventoried and assessed the condition of the site trees, lawns, paving, furnishings, site lighting, and irrigation; proposed phased priority projects for landscape improvements and restoration of park amenities and infrastructure; and provided conceptual level cost estimates, which will help the City in planning for implementation.

While this study was initiated and funded by the Friends of the Salem Common, its ultimate purpose is to become a resource for the City in planning for preservation and capital investment initiatives.

Services Snapshot

Halvorson | Tighe & Bond Studio provided comprehensive planning services to the Friends of the Salem Common for the redesign and refurbishment of Salem Common. Our team of landscape architects assembled an inventory of assets on the site, proposed upgrades for the site, and provided cost estimates for the proposed upgrades.

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