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It’s hard to imagine life without the matrix of highways, roadways, and bridges that help us arrive at our sought after destinations. On any given day, most people have somewhere to go; and they want to get there as safely, and easily as possible. Transportation is essential to the turbocharged pace of our daily lives. Our goal is to help people get where they need to be – smoothly, safely, and quickly.

Concept-to-Completion Expertise

Progressive planning and skilled traffic engineering solutions are two roads that lead to transportation success. Known for personalized services, we offer our clients creative concept-to-completion expertise for these challenges. We provide traffic engineering, roadway & bridge design, and transportation planning services to state DOTs as well as regional, municipal, private and institutional clients throughout the Northeast.

Licensed Professional Engineers – some holding Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) and Professional Transportation Planner (PTP) certifications – make up our team.

Our Services

We design streets, intersections, highways, interchanges, bridges, roundabouts, and crosswalks. Other specialties include traffic calming, traffic impact studies, and traffic signal designs. We also perform parking studies and demand analysis, as well as design parking lots and garages.

Our complete streets efforts include bicycle and pedestrian friendly designs aimed at creating safe, comfortable, and integrated transportation networks for all users.

Bridge Design 

Tighe & Bond provides a talented, experienced team of bridge engineers specializing in condition assessment, analysis, design, construction support, visualization, and asset management. Our engineers are equally skilled working with drawings and calcs, working in the field, and working with Owners at presentations and meetings. What really distinguishes us is not just our bridge structural expertise, but our comprehensive and local in-house capabilities to address all facets of a bridge project. Tighe & Bond geotechnical engineers design and implement a program of soil exploration, testing and reporting. Our environmental and permitting expertise is second to none in New England. Likewise, we do all of our hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and design in-house, with a talented group of engineers and scientists who prepare the work from soup-to-nuts.

Traffic Engineering 

One of Tighe & Bond’s core services involves the preparation of traffic engineering and planning studies for communities and developers to facilitate local and State approvals.  Through these studies, we prepare off-site improvement plans including traffic signal designs for new installations and equipment upgrades, and review safety issues to determine appropriate mitigation. Our traffic engineers typically have dual responsibilities to both understand the art of traffic engineering along with the physical design that accompanies traffic operations solutions. Our traffic studies include data collection, traffic projections, traffic generation estimates and distribution, site access/egress analysis, multi-modal accessibility, and traffic operations analyses and simulations.

Traffic Signal Engineering Support

One of our core competencies is the development of traffic control signal designs. We have developed isolated traffic control signals and traffic signal systems that incorporate the latest technologies, including ITS elements for detection and monitoring intersections. Our approach to the development of traffic signal design includes an assessment of each location to identify the most appropriate signal support method, span wire or mast arm. We also incorporate our client’s preferences into each design, including support method, aesthetics, and equipment specification. We support the design of the equipment with detailed traffic analyses and modeling to identify appropriate signal timings and if necessary signal patterns within a signal system.


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