UNH: the Cottages of Durham

Project Highlights

  • 600-Bed State-of-the-Art Student Housing
  • Site Planning, Local Approvals and Permits
  • Construction Administration & Observation
  • Fast Track Project
  • Porous Asphalt and Gravel Wetlands

Raising the LID on State-of-the-Art Student Housing

Located in close proximity to the University of New Hampshire (UNH), The Cottages of Durham offers state-of-the-art, resort style housing for more than 600 students. Situated on 21 acres of developed property, this $40 million complex features 99 buildings. Among them are individual cottages, a clubhouse, a large outdoor hot tub, maintenance building, and bus stop.

Capstone Development Partners, a national project developer, hired our team to provide a range of engineering and environmental services for this project that boasts a cosmopolitan flare. It also includes sustainable features such as a 17.9-acre conservation area.

A Fresh, Low Impact Development Approach

Our Low Impact Development (LID) approach to developing this site included implementing more than one acre of porous asphalt pavement in the parking area to manage stormwater runoff from parking lots and roofs. Our system used deep sump catch basins for pre-treatment of parking areas prior to entering two gravel wetlands; the treatment area totaled nearly three quarters of an acre.

This fresh approach gained recognition from the chair of the Conservation Commission who noted that the stormwater control measures we selected offered some of the most effective water quality and runoff reduction treatment possible for a development site of this nature. And, according to the local ordinance, there was less than a 0.5-acre increase in “effective impervious area”. Proving that a site can be both beautiful and sustainable.

Making Quick Work of It

This fast track project needed to be completed in a quick 15 months to accommodate students returning to school in the fall. Completing this project, which had some complex permitting requirements, on time was no small feat. As a matter of fact, the site contractors left the site only hours before 619 students (and their parents) arrived for move in day.

Services Snapshot

Our services included: site planning, wetland and aquifer review/oversight, a flood plain study, traffic analysis and oversight, and zoning review. We also provided value engineering, town and state permitting, construction documents, as well as construction administration and observation.

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