Our Markets


Innovative and Cost-effective Solutions – and Winning Outcomes

An increasingly competitive marketplace and strict regulatory compliance demands sets the tone for operational challenges in the industrial sector. It’s crucial to have an integrated team of engineers, regulatory and compliance specialists, and environmental and industrial safety experts to help navigate those challenges and at the same time produce measurable and important process improvements. Having an experienced single point of contact for all of these services reduces complications and stress – and is more cost-effective, too.

A Scorecard of Success

Our firm has worked with manufacturers since the advent of environmental regulations in the 1970s. Our industrial clients — many of whom we have served for decades — represent industries such as aerospace, chemical, metal finishing, food processing, plastics, printing, pulp and paper, textile and pharmaceuticals.

Sparking Innovation

In addition to offering these services to across industry throughout the northeastern United States, we can help spark innovation by drilling down into problems and presenting solutions to help our clients, because it’s the right thing to do and it’s our passion. We are dedicated to our clients and developing ongoing relationships to assure compliance, find improvements, and generate results.

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