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Technology & Data Management

Technology gives us the opportunity to approach what we do from a new perspective. It also enables greater efficiency, productivity, collaboration, service, and support in managing our projects. As the world of engineering technology continues to evolve, Tighe & Bond will be there to help you navigate, assess, and implement technological solutions that best fit your project.

Sometimes, this means we gather data sets that help with decision making and aid in managing multiple assets for our clients. GIS mapping makes evaluating and handling your data and assets easier and sets the stage for future planning efforts. To effectively help municipal clients sustain long-term improvements and operations, our team can analyze the water rates necessary for supporting a sustainable revenue model..

Other times, we use technology as a tool to develop customized, pioneering solutions. Laser scanning and unmanned vehicles can quickly collect highly accurate data, making the inspection process safer, more efficient, and more effective. Visualization and rendering make technical plans more accessible and bring drawings to life, making them easier to understand. This ultimately allows us to effectively communicate project benefits for more effective collaboration and to build consensus; reducing the risk for conflicts and change orders during construction. SCADA and automation systems enable our clients to seamlessly monitor and control their remote facilities.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

We provide GIS services to help our clients manage their data and assets. This geospatial foundation stores and displays accurate reflections of real-time locations and circumstances, allowing organizations to make better decisions over time. Plus, assembling, analyzing, and managing facility and asset data stored in GIS is more straightforward. This approach directly contributes to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of many complex projects.

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Asset Management 

At Tighe & Bond, our focus is on the aspects of asset management that drive the decision-making process, risk mitigation, and long-term financial sustainability. We help communities identify and capture what assets they have, the location, the condition, replacement costs, and more.

Our data-driven approach to risk-based asset management and capital planning helps our clients maintain the level of service their customers and stakeholders expect. Using our custom GIS-based applications, our clients have easy access to data at their fingertips, improving worker efficiencies, and have the data captured in cloud-based systems to be used in a multitude of ways for local reporting purposes.

Rate Studies 

Tighe & Bond provides comprehensive utility rate consulting services to help communities develop sustainable revenue sources to maintain level of service and support infrastructure needs. From small water districts to large city water and sewer systems, our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients and engage with stakeholders throughout the process to develop rates that will support the needs of the system and the community.

Reality Capture 

3D laser scanning technology quickly and consistently collects highly accurate data sets containing millions of measured points creating a point cloud. These point clouds are used to generate detailed 3D models and provide high-quality design solutions. Point cloud data can also be converted into meshed surfaces, colorized by high resolution photographs taken during scanning, producing accurate digital recreations of scanned assets. Our 3D models and meshed objects can be exported into a variety of platforms. We can offer exportable file formats commonly used with BIM management and other 3D modeling software for clients to develop their models or use the point cloud data as they see fit.

Drone Imaging 

From taking simple aerial photos to performing structure inspections or creating 3D models, the list of drone capabilities is extensive and continues to expand with advancements in technology. Capitalizing on the power of these drones has practical applications for engineers to manage projects in a way that creates a safe environment and is cost-effective for clients.

  1. ROV Capabilities
  2. UAV Capabilities

SCADA Systems & Automation 

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a centralized supervisory system that monitors and controls devices and equipment at remote facilities. Engineers in our Water Business Line work with operators to provide the required instrumentation, programming, telemetry, and other advanced technologies required.

Visualization & Rendering 

Renderings and visualizations enable our staff to show our clients and project stakeholders a clear picture of what the final product will look like. We can generate renderings throughout the design process, from rough sketches to finely tuned illustrations, working collaboratively with our clients toward effective project solutions. Renderings and visualizations are great tools for engaging the public and building support for a project.

  1. 3D Visualization

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