Clippership Wharf

Project Highlights

  • Resilient Design
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Living Shoreline
  • Floating Dock

Clippership Wharf is an innovative four-building mixed-use residential complex—developed by Lendlease with buildings by The Architectural Team and landscape by Halvorson—that is pioneering the integration of resiliency measures to protect the site and enhance East Boston’s waterfront.

The development and design process for Clippership Wharf centered on its location, a contaminated seven-acre waterfront site that falls under Chapter 91 regulations to protect and promote the public use of the Commonwealth’s tidelands and other waterways. Though the site boasts one of the best views of Boston’s skyline, it had been vacant for thirty years and walled off to the community.

Halvorson | Tighe & Bond Studio transformed the open space to provide a variety of passive and active recreation opportunities. A restored ‘living shoreline’—featuring saltwater marshes, rocky beaches, and plentiful wildlife habitats—integrates with the waterfront open space, offering a variety of access points, including a new kayak center, dock and launch, a fishing pier, and a larger boat dock and ramp for motorized transportation.

Phase 1 of the project opened in 2019 and is already mostly occupied.