Reconstruction of Mt. Auburn Street

Project Highlights

  • Feasibility Study
  • Final Design of Traffic and Safety Improvements
  • On-Street Parking
  • State Transportation Improvement Program Funding
  • Road Diet

Helping to Secure State Funding and Public Project Support

Tighe & Bond assisted the Town in securing over $28 million in funding through the State Transportation Improvement Program for this project. The project scope consists of a feasibility study through the final design of traffic and safety improvements along a 1.75-mile segment of Mt. Auburn Street (Route 16) implementing a Road Diet to reduce the roadway cross section from four travel lanes to two travel lanes. The preliminary design phase included an extensive public participation program, including neighborhood workshops to obtain feedback prior to advancing the design of the preferred alternative. The project is being used as a case study by MassDOT in developing its Road Diets policy.

Services Snapshot

Project elements include pavement reconstruction, enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, streetscape enhancements, and added on-street parking. The project also includes operational improvements at 10 signalized intersection locations along the corridor, high-intensity rapid flashing beacons at key pedestrian crossings, installation of Transit Signal Priority (TSP), and targeted safety improvements around Watertown High School, Hosmer Elementary School, and Coolidge Square.

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