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Water & Wastewater Engineering

When it comes to water and wastewater solutions, it’s all about seeing the big picture – and then attending to all of the microscopic details. Understanding the challenges of ensuring an ample and safe water supply for a community– and then implementing cost-effective, on-point solutions– is key.

Water resources is where we got our engineering start more than a century ago, and we have been committed to keeping up with the ongoing evolution in this industry ever since. We specialize in drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and dams.

We also provide site evaluations to determine flooding risk and hazard mitigation. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to people and their property from flooding and other natural disasters.

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Drinking Water 

An adequate, high quality drinking water supply is a necessity, and a prerequisite for the growth and well-being of any community. We have worked with water suppliers large and small, to assess demand and evaluate existing infrastructure.

Our goal is to design system improvements that enhance service delivery, and meet tomorrow’s regulatory requirements. This includes supply, storage, distribution, pumping, and water treatment services. We also assess existing water supplies, and develop new ones. Hydrogeologic investigations for groundwater sources, and hydrologic studies for surface water reservoirs, are services that we provide.

Cities, towns and investor-owned utilities often count on us for the development of capital improvement plans for asset management, and negotiating water treatment or purchase agreements. We also provide permitting, and are known for researching and accessing all available funding opportunities.

For more than a decade we have published water rate surveys, and can complete cost of service studies to assist our clients in establishing fair and equitable rate structures.


Designing efficient, cost-effective wastewater management systems helps our clients achieve compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Projects range from small industrial pretreatment systems to large municipal collection and treatment facilities.

Our modeling capabilities include assessing the hydraulics of the collection system, as well as treatment process performance. We have completed combined sewer overflow abatement programs, and designed hundreds of miles of sewer extensions and separations. We also design pump stations that are part of either new construction or rehabilitation projects.

For many cities and towns, we have prepared detailed facilities plans and permit applications. We also have completed detailed designs of collection, pumping and treatment facilities. Other services include assistance in obtaining funding, construction administration, and startup services.


Communities of all shapes and sizes have been faced with the implementation of EPA’s General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) since the permit’s inception in 2003. Our team has become trusted advisors to many of these communities because of our in-depth understanding of the permit, and our commitment to helping them better plan for their futures.

Our team regularly assists municipalities and industrial clients with reviewing existing stormwater management programs. We also develop new ones to meet MS4 or multi-sector permitting requirements.

Hydrologic and hydraulic studies, modeling, and GIS development for stormwater mapping are all part of our services. We also have the design and construction expertise to carry out stormwater improvement projects to completion. Our field staff routinely perform inspections and collect samples upon request. In short, we provide a full range of stormwater consulting and engineering services.


Dams and levees retain and convey surface water in a controlled manner for a variety of reasons. This includes water supply, flood control, recreation, and power. However, the failure of a dam or levee can be catastrophic, resulting in loss of life, property and revenue.

Our diverse, multi-disciplinary team of geotechnical, civil and mechanical engineers, hydrologists and environmental scientists offer expert consulting services for dams and levees. This includes engineering evaluations, permitting and mitigation, design and construction, inspections, and sediment removal, emergency action plans, funding assistance, and more. We deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions from concept to construction.

While focused on public safety, our project teams are also sensitive to potential environmental impacts, and preserving the historical and aesthetic features of existing structures.

PFAS Treatment & Management 

In the Northeast, many community stakeholders are grappling with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in drinking water, groundwater, and environmental media. This group of man-made chemicals do not easily break down and are known to be persistent in the environment and in the human body potentially leading to adverse health effects.

Tighe & Bond is a choice consultant for the identification, treatment, and mitigation of these emerging contaminants. Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with state and local governments, private utilities, institutions, and industrial clients to develop solutions for PFAS found in drinking water supplies and the environment.

Our engineers, scientists, and remediation experts provide comprehensive services such as conducting site investigations, monitoring landfills, developing sampling programs, as well as designing and permitting PFAS drinking water treatment systems. As new research is developed and regulations continue to evolve, Tighe & Bond provides practical, forward-thinking solutions in step with the latest technology and industry best practices.

Biosolids Management 

With the price of transport and disposal rising, wastewater operators are looking for innovative and sustainable ways to reduce biosolids volume and turn treatment byproducts into a beneficial product. We are ready with the ideas, expertise, and experience to support biosolids management initiatives that both reduce disposal costs and position facilities for the future. From major thermal drying facilities in large cities to small treatment plants looking to improve or upgrade sludge processing equipment, we have keen insight into optimal system configurations, safety concerns, and capital costs.

Thermal Drying 

As an industry leader in thermal drying, Tighe & Bond has over 30 years of experience designing state of-the-art facilities across the U.S. Our portfolio includes work for Boston (MWRA), New York City, Detroit, and Nashville. With new technology, reliable and affordable dryer systems are now available for smaller treatment facilities as well.

Whether you are looking to simply reduce solids volume or generate a reusable product, our team will evaluate your facility and map out a plan that makes sense for your budget, system configuration, and long-term capital plans. We can outline alternatives that consider key components, such as energy requirements, system efficiency, and safety. If thermal drying is identified as an option, we will recommend the dryer system best suited for your facility.

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