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What makes for a project’s environmental and regulatory success? Having a responsive champion in your court who has command of regulatory knowledge, and is skilled at navigating the most complex challenges. With our signature attention to detail and project advocacy, we devise progressive solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. Life just got easier.

Understanding the Environment

The key to providing exceptional environmental consulting services is an in-depth understanding of regulatory mandates and compliance across multiple markets. Our team of specialists provide expert advice to help organizations and communities comply with complex, changing federal and state regulations to avoid costly penalties and fines.

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Site Assessment and Remediation 

Our experience in redevelopment provides us with a solid base from which we approach brownfields and Hazardous Building Materials Audits (HBMA) services. Extensive regulatory and environmental experience is essential to assessing sites for potential contamination. You can count on us to design your renovation and demolition projects to minimize cost, and prepare your site for its intended use.

Our remediation experience ranges from excavation and disposal to in situ chemical oxidation to barrier wall design. We routinely sample soils, soil gas, sediment, surface water and groundwater, and are often called upon to provide expert testimony and litigation support.

Our experienced team includes Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs), Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs), geo-environmental professionals, geologists, asbestos and lead inspectors/designers, and professional engineers.

Demolition and Hazardous Materials 

Engineering the demolition of industrial, municipal, commercial or institutional buildings requires specialized engineering expertise. And the ability to handle the hazardous materials often generated. We have supervised demolition at a wide variety of sites with a team of skilled structural engineers, asbestos designers, and licensed environmental professionals. We can handle it all safely, quickly and cost-effectively. We prepare detailed demolition specifications and bidding documents, conduct bidding and supervise abatement, remediation, demolition and site restoration.

We have efficiently completed many projects where demolition requirements were complicated by existing conditions and/or desired end-uses of a site. A sound demolition strategy, precise demolition contract documents, and vigilant construction-phase oversight are essential to achieving project redevelopment goals. This also helps to avoid delays, liability and unforeseen costs.

Our demolition engineering efforts consider all issues associated with preparing a site for redevelopment. This includes cost control, material salvage, public relations, permitting, environmental issues, structural issues, protection of historic structures, selective and complete demolition, and logistical constraints.

Environmental Permitting and Planning 

The fundamentals of most environmental regulatory programs involve identification of impacts, assessment of alternatives and evaluation of measures to minimize adverse impacts on the environment. It requires a thorough understanding of ecological systems, natural and cultural history, wetlands, and wildlife and fisheries habitat requirements. This, combined with our knowledge and familiarity with local zoning and environmental regulations, allows us to successfully negotiate the complex permitting arena in the Northeast. Our team consists of wetland scientists, soil scientists, botanists, biologists, and regulatory experts.

Our team brings you significant experience in environmental restoration projects. This includes the restoration of impacted wetland systems, stream bank stabilization projects, dam removal, fish passage enhancements, and major infrastructure repair. Appropriate planning for these projects is essential to a successful restoration. We also have experience with community master plans, as well as open space and recreation plans.

Wetlands and Ecological Services 

Our team has been providing wetlands and ecological consulting services for well over two decades. This includes wetland delineations, environmental permitting, invasive species surveys, rare species surveys and compliance monitoring. We’ve also provided peer reviews for municipal conservation commissions, and various wetland mitigation/restoration and regulatory coordination services.

In addition, we provide river restoration consulting services. This includes sediment evaluations and management plans, dam removal engineering designs and permitting, and culvert replacement studies.

Our team includes wetland scientists, soil scientists, biologists, geologists, hydrogeologists, and regulatory experts. Many of our staff serve on conservation commissions in their own municipalities or are members of established organizations including the Association of Massachusetts Wetland Scientists, the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissioners, the Westfield River Watershed Association, Trout Unlimited, and the Massachusetts River Alliance.

Regulatory Compliance 

Our regulatory compliance specialists provide expert advice to help organizations and communities comply with complex, changing federal and state regulations to avoid costly penalties and fines. We have experience in wastewater, stormwater, hazardous waste, air quality, health and safety, fuel storage, as well as aboveground and underground storage tanks.

We conduct audits to evaluate current compliance with applicable regulations, and assist in developing compliance strategies. We also work with clients to develop comprehensive environmental management systems tailored to minimize regulatory risk by addressing specific compliance needs.

Health and Safety 

With industrial hygienists, safety professionals and environmental scientists on staff, we help our clients comply with complex and changing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, avoid punitive fines, and improve employee safety and productivity.

We perform compliance audits, noise surveys, air sampling and analyses, respiratory protection program evaluations and training program evaluations. If an audit identifies deficiencies, we can develop and assist with the implementation of programs to meet the regulatory requirements. These often include training programs that we develop and implement along with the client.

Solid Waste 

Well-engineered solid waste management plans are necessary for communities to deal with landfills at capacity, rising disposal costs, and increasing environmental regulations. We provide comprehensive, innovative strategies to help communities plan for current and future solid waste disposal needs. This includes transfer facilities and assistance procuring transportation and disposal contracts. Volume reduction tactics, such as post-consumer recycling and composting, are an integral part of the plans we design.

We engineer new landfills and expansions from initial surveys and hydrogeologic studies through construction. Closure plans include design of the cap, leachate treatment systems and venting systems for landfill gases, as well as monitoring well design. Our team of experts handles permitting, oversees construction, and any ongoing monitoring required. We also provide engineering services that assist with developing recycling programs and facilities.

PFAS Treatment & Management 

In the Northeast, many community stakeholders are grappling with Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in drinking water, groundwater, and environmental media. This group of man-made chemicals do not easily break down and are known to be persistent in the environment and in the human body potentially leading to adverse health effects.

Tighe & Bond is a choice consultant for the identification, treatment, and mitigation of these emerging contaminants. Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with state and local governments, private utilities, institutions, and industrial clients to develop solutions for PFAS found in drinking water supplies and the environment.

Our engineers, scientists, and remediation experts provide comprehensive services such as conducting site investigations, monitoring landfills, developing sampling programs, as well as designing and permitting PFAS drinking water treatment systems. As new research is developed and regulations continue to evolve, Tighe & Bond provides practical, forward-thinking solutions in step with the latest technology and industry best practices.

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