Pound Pond Wetlands Restoration

Project Highlights

  • Evaluation of Trenchless Rehabilitation
  • Hydrologic Study
  • Examination of Existing Conditions
  • Sediment and Water Quality Sampling

Water Quality & Wetlands Improvements

Tighe & Bond is assisting the Town of Dennis with improvements to the Town’s Pound Pond in order to enhance stormwater drainage, restore wetlands and wildlife habitat, and improve nearby public amenities. The pond provides stormwater drainage from Dennisport and Route 28. The project presented a unique combination of site constraints, including traversing wetlands, roadways, and coastal resource areas with potentially complex and costly permitting.

Tighe & Bond’s approach included an evaluation of trenchless rehabilitation to avoid unnecessary disturbance of sensitive wetland areas and buried utilities and a multi-level pond improvement analysis to maximize habitat restoration and improve pond water quality.

Services included examining the current conditions of the pond outlet drainage system that discharges to Nantucket Sound. This included inspection of the downstream culverts and tide gates, an evaluation of trenchless rehabilitation, construction costs, and permitting. Evaluations for pond improvements included delineation of the wetlands, vegetation assessment, wildlife habitat evaluation, bathymetric survey, hydrologic and hydrology study for the drainage area and alternatives analysis for instream restoration, and landscape rendering of a full restoration concept.

The full concept included creation of wetlands, dredging portions of the pond to increase depth and remove sediment, enlarging the pond, daylighting culvert sections, and creating several amenities including walking paths and a footbridge.

Tighe & Bond started work on the Phase 2 preliminary design of the full restoration concept as the preferred alternative to advance the planning level design. Phase 2 includes sediment and water quality sampling, 25% design, preliminary specifications, costs, and a public hearing.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond provided design and permitting services to the Town of Dennis to evaluate existing conditions of a tidal pond located in a key recreation area and alternatives for water quality and drainage improvements. Tighe & Bond’s scope of work included an examination of existing conditions, evaluation of trenchless rehabilitation, and landscape rendering for a full restoration concept.

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