At Tighe & Bond, we believe that one of our greatest strengths lies in our differences.  By creating and maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, we foster creativity and innovation, boost employee morale, and make the organization more successful overall.

We strive to attract, hire, train, and develop highly talented people recognizing the variety of similarities and differences among us. This includes, but is not limited to gender, gender identity, race, age, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, family status, religious beliefs, and mental and physical ability.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture and have already taken the following steps to create an inclusive workplace where all staff:

  • Work in an environment of mutual respect and shared dignity where individuals and groups feel safe, respected, engaged, motivated, and valued
  • Have a sense of belonging and feel that their talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living are valued and respected
  • Have equitable access to the resources, opportunities, and support to succeed and grow within Tighe & Bond
  • Are championed and provided an opportunity to contribute to Tighe & Bond’s success at all levels

We also work to build STEM education opportunities for all through our partnerships with community and national organizations. Part of this initiative is our work with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) to provide academic scholarships for aspiring engineers.

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