Wind Project Critical Path Analysis

Project Highlights

  • Feasibility Study
  • Site Evaluation and Permitting
  • Civil and Electrical Engineering

Tighe & Bond Performs Fatal Flaw Analysis

Tighe & Bond assisted a private renewable energy developer to conduct a fatal flaw analysis for a proposed 16-turbine land-based wind energy project in Massachusetts. This was to determine if wind energy is compatible with environmental, rare species, recreational, and historic resources at the project site.

The evaluation included site reconnaissance of the ridgeline, potential access roads, and potential interconnection routes to evaluate environmental elements and constraints. Concurrent with this activity, research was conducted on existing record information on environmental and site factors and constraints to identify probable permitting requirements for the project at the local, state, and federal level.

Goals and Critical Next Steps

The goal of the analysis was to develop a proposed strategy for the pre-permitting and permitting phases of the project. The resulting memorandum outlined key issues and critical next steps to assist the developer in planning and budgeting for the next phase of activities, and to help ensure that the project moves forward expeditiously while meeting the requirements and performance standards of the appropriate regulatory programs. The information developed through this exercise also helped to create a baseline of information about potential project impacts and benefits that can be used in future pre-permitting discussions with regulators and other project stakeholders.

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