Traffic and Safety Improvements in the Village of Auburndale

Project Highlights

  • Roadway and Intersection Reconstruction
  • ADA Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations
  • Signalized Intersection Design
  • Roadway Design

Designing Safety and Operational Improvements at Four Intersections

This project consists of the planning and design of safety and operational improvements at four intersections in the heart of the Village of Auburndale.  The proposed improvements include the replacement of three outdated traffic signal systems and signalization of an adjacent unsignalized intersection; wireless traffic signal coordination; and roadway configuration to reduce crashes and improve pedestrian and bicycle accommodations. The success of this project is due in great part to a robust public involvement process, including multiple public meetings to give the community a say in the design of improvements, and presentations to the City’s Public Facilities Committee, Transportation and Public Safety Committee, and Board of Alderman for approval of the final design.

Services Snapshot

Ornamental traffic signals, decorative crosswalk treatments, and an enlarged and improved Veterans Memorial Parklet along Frederick Law Olmstead’s Commonwealth Avenue carriage road will enhance the aesthetic appeal of this prominent Village Center.

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