Tighe & Bond is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, that includes two external directors with extensive experience in our industry. The Board oversees our company’s activities, in addition to providing input and advice to the CEO on strategic direction and key management decisions.

Robert Belitz

President and Chief Executive Officer

413.572.3259Westfield, MAEmailvCard

Peter Grabowski, PE

Chief Operating & Risk Officer

413.572.3234Westfield, MAEmailvCard

Tiffany Labrie, PE, CDT

Senior VP, Water Business Line Leader


Carolyn Lowe, PE

Vice President

914.572.1806Shelton, CTEmailvCard

Greg McIntyre

External Board Member


Lisa Robert, PE

External Board Member

Daniel Rukakoski, PWS, CWS, PSS

Senior VP, Environmental Business Line Leader

413.875.1312Westfield, MAEmailvCard

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