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Water & Wastewater

Practical Experience, Creative Solutions

How we use, treat, reuse and protect our water resources is critical to public health and economic growth.  The stakes are high. So, it’s no surprise that the pressure is on when a community or investor-owned utility is faced with aging infrastructure, costly repairs, and insufficient funds for necessary improvements. Challenges escalate even further when considering potential impacts of climate change on infrastructure, including responses to - and recovery from - extreme weather events such as flooding, or drought.

Local Presence, Local Knowledge

Practical experience and creative solutions are key ingredients of our collective success as our water engineers help hundreds of clients across the northeastern United States manage their precious water resources. We work with clients on conditions assessments and capital improvements plans, helping them maximize the life of their assets, and prioritize improvements and replacements. We also help clients obtain grants through USDA Rural Development, State Revolving Fund, and other programs, allowing communities to advance projects through grants and low interest loans.

Local in focus, we understand local codes, permitting and funding alternatives better than most. And we’re very well known to key stakeholders. Our team offers a practical approach to problem solving, and a long history of successfully implementing cutting-edge technologies.

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