Reconstruction of Ferry, South Ferry, and Elm Streets

Project Highlights

  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • ADA Compliance
  • Traffic Signals
  • Funding Assistance

Funding Assistance and Re-Design of Multiple Roadways and Intersections

Tighe & Bond assisted the City of Everett with securing over $31 million in funding through the State Transportation Improvement Program for the reconstruction of South Ferry Street, Ferry Street, and Elm Street. This project consisted of the planning and design of safety and operational improvements along a 1.40-mile corridor of South Ferry Street and Ferry Street and a 0.67-mile corridor of Elm Street.

Services Snapshot

The proposed improvements include new pavement and sidewalks with ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps, a dedicated bike lane along South Ferry Street and Ferry Street, upgraded traffic signals at five locations, and a new emergency traffic signal at the fire station at the intersection of Ferry & Elm.  The existing traffic signals at Ferry, South Ferry, and Chelsea Street have been proposed to be replaced with a single-lane roundabout with an adjacent protected parking area for the local businesses. Ornamental street lighting, decorative crosswalk treatments, raised crosswalks/intersections, wayfinding/ gateway signage, and street trees will all be incorporated into the design to create a “town street” environment in the highly urbanized area.

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