Jacob’s Pillow Dance Center HVAC and Fire Protection Upgrades

Project Highlights

  • MEP/FP for 2,300 SF Expansion
  • Campus-Wide Electrical Improvements
  • New Pump House & Water Storage Tank
  • HVAC System Evaluation and Modifications
  • New Automated Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Systems

MEP/FP Upgrades Facilitate Dance Center’s Expansion

Tighe & Bond has provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP/FP) services to Jacob’s Pillow Dance Center in support of numerous renovation and expansion projects. These include MEP services in support of the Blake’s Barn expansion, as well as upgrades to the campus’s electrical and fire protection systems.

Blake’s Barn Expansion

Our engineers provided HVAC, plumbing and electrical engineering services for the design of a 2,300 SF addition to Blake’s Barn, the collections and archives building at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Center in Becket, MA. The addition included a ground floor portion including a new special collections area, offices, and a wheelchair lift to provide access to the basement level.

In addition to HVAC design for the construction portion of the project, the HVAC design effort also included evaluation of the existing equipment and addressing the owners concern of temperature and humidity control within the existing building. New heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as a new dehumidification system to maintain consistent control over temperature and humidity within the space was designed.

The electrical design provided power for general purpose receptacles, lighting, mechanical equipment, wheelchair lift, and fire alarm for the new space. The lighting design included specialty lighting for the owner’s artwork and special collections. Plumbing design included propane supply piping and cooling condensate from the new mechanical equipment.

Construction phase services were included in this project including review of RFIs and submittals, and periodic construction observation.

Campus-Wide Electrical & Fire Protection Improvements

Tighe & Bond designed a campus-wide electrical infrastructure upgrade. The scope of this project included a new Eversource utility service to a new utility-owned transformer with new exterior NEMA 3R electrical distribution. This distribution feeds the recently renovated Ted Shawn Theater and back feeds multiple buildings on site. The scope of this project included conceptual design through permit level drawings and construction administration.

Our engineers also provided design services in support of an upgrade to the facility’s fire protection system. This project entails replacing the current campus fire protection pump and fire protection water source system. This new system will intercept the existing campus fire line and service the rest of the campus. The new pump house and 125,000-gallon water storage tank will be located in the northeast corner of the campus near the maintenance shed. As part of these upgrades, Tighe & Bond is also designing a new automated sprinkler system and fire alarm system for the existing maintenance building.

Tighe & Bond is currently working to develop recommendations for modifications to the HVAC system at the facility’s Ted Shawn Theater. Tighe & Bond’s scope of work includes reviewing the as-built HVAC system, identifying deficiencies, and making recommendations to improve comfort control and airflow throughout the theater.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond provided design, permitting, and construction phase services in support of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection upgrades at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Center in Becket, MA.

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