West Springfield Water System SCADA Upgrades

Project Highlights

  • SCADA System
  • System Integration
  • Networking
  • Start Up Services
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Control Systems Engineering

Tighe & Bond Revamps Existing SCADA System

Tighe & Bond evaluated an upgrade to the Town’s existing SCADA system. Various methods of communication were considered between the many water and wastewater pumping and processing sites throughout West Springfield. Communication methods considered included radio, dial up telephone lines, leased telephone lines, cellular phone communications and internet based communications. While each method had its advantages and disadvantages, radio communications were recommended to provide the Town with the most cost-effective system while having high reliability.

Following the evaluation, we developed public bid documents for replacement of the existing SCADA system at the Southwick Water Treatment Plant (WTP), four Southwick Wellfield Pump Stations, Bear Hole WTP, Rogers Avenue Water Storage Tank and Northwest District Water Storage Tank and Pump Station. The SCADA system upgrade also included work at the Town’s Water Department Office. The work included:

  • Selective demolition of control panels, terminal units and other ancillary devices that were part of the existing SCADA system.
  • New radios, antennae, Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs) and associated ancillary devices, software, coaxial cables, wiring, conduit and appurtenances to replace the existing system
    (including tracing of existing signals)
  • New equipment at the Provin Mountain site.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond evaluated various methods of communication for to upgrade the Town of West Springfield’s SCADA system and the Water Department Office. Our experts continue to provide 24/7 SCADA on-call service to the town.

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