Biosolids Management Facility

Project Highlights

  • Engineering Design
  • Fast Track Project

Working for New England Fertilizer Company (NEFCO), Tighe & Bond provided all engineering design services to modify and incorporate dewatering and drying systems into an existing sludge storage facility in Cumberland, MD.

Modifications to the existing Cumberland facilities include reuse of existing dewatering pumps; partitioning and upgrades to the existing sludge storage building, including new egress doors, new lights, a new heating system, insulation and fire protection; and new operator amenities including electrical room, mechanical room, pellet oil storage, workshop, ADA-accessible laboratory/plant manager office, kitchen and bathroom/locker facilities.

The modified facilities include a new dewatering device and thermal drying train to process up to 11 DTPD at 27% cake solids. The new systems include a centrifuge, cake conveyor, recycle bin and conveyor, mixer, dryer with furnace, air/solids separator, screener, crusher, cooling conveyor, and pellet silo with oiling system. The air emissions are controlled via a tray scrubber/condenser and regenerative thermal oxidizer. The exhaust is discharged through a GEP stack that will promote additional dilution of the exhaust through dispersion. In addition, a new odor control scrubber to control odorous emissions from the sludge storage facility treats up to 13,500 ACFM and removes 99% of H2S and NH3.

The design and construction of this fast-track project were complete and the facility was fully operational within 12 months of notice to proceed with the final design.

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