Reservoir Water Quality Review Alum Application Assistance

Project Highlights

  • Intermunicipal Agreements
  • Capacity Development Grant Funding
  • On-site drone services
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Water Quality Monotoring Plan

Monitoring Lake Auburn’s Water Quality

Our firm assisted the Lewiston Water District and Auburn Water District during the alum application in Lake Auburn. This included reviewing historical reservoir water quality, and permit conditions, and establishing critical water quality targets to maintain throughout the application.

Important water quality parameters were identified and added to routine monitoring leading up to, during, and after the application. Existing and target water quality was documented in a Water Quality Monitoring Plan to aid the client in the decision-making process throughout the alum application.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond provided on-site assistance to observe and document operations and respond to potential changes in water quality. On-site drone services were also provided to photo document the alum application and ongoing watershed protection efforts. Raw footage was provided to the client for in-house production of public awareness materials. For the following year, our firm continued to review water quality in the reservoir, through the treatment plant processes, and in the distribution system to assess the alum treatment’s short- and long-term impacts.

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