Puddletown Hydroelectric Project

Project Highlights

  • Hydroelectric Power Generation
  • Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits
  • Site/Civil Design & Technical Specifications
  • Permitting & Construction Administration

Saying Yes to Hydroelectric Power

After evaluating potential renewable energy opportunities at numerous Metropolitan District Commission (the District) facilities, Tighe & Bond assisted the District with design engineering, permitting, bidding, and construction administration services for a new hydro-turbine generator at the Puddletown Booster Pump Station.

This project, which consisted of a 210 kW in-line turbine located at an existing pump station, obtained Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECs) from Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P). The energy from the project will be virtually net metered to other District accounts.

Services Snapshot

Our design services included preliminary schematic drawings, opinion of probable cost, design considerations for dual use, and a preliminary design memorandum. After the preliminary schematic design was completed, we assisted the District with the development of bid documents and technical specifications for the project.

Tighe & Bond also assisted the District with the ZREC application for the project. This included the development and submission of a ZREC application, and determination of a ZREC bid price. An optimal ZREC bid price was determined using an economic pro forma using specific cost, energy production, and system efficiency information from vendors. This pro forma was also used to evaluate the various proposals and select the most advantageous bidder.

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