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NEWWA 2024 Spring Joint Regional Conference & Exhibition

Join our staff at the New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) Spring Joint Regional Conference & Exhibition from April 3-4 at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. Below is a list of the speaking engagements our water & wastewater experts are participating in.

Wednesday, April 3rd

Session 2: Water Treatment I – PFAS, 10 AM

Case Study: Dudley PFAS Water Treatment Plant

Derek Belanger, PE – Tighe & Bond

When a community finds PFAS contamination during a water system infrastructure upgrade, a cost-effective rapid response is needed. This case-study will present how the Town of Dudley, MA, identified and overcame water quality concerns associated with PFAS. We will discuss the temporary measures taken, lessons learned, as well as funding mechanisms that made the Town’s response possible; in addition to discussing the design and construction of the Town’s centralized PFAS Water Treatment Plant.


Session 3: Management & Finance, 11 AM

A Continuum Based Approach to Capital Planning and Rate Setting

Michael Schrader, PE – Tighe & Bond

A continuum approach to rate setting incorporates asset management’s risk-based approach to capital improvement plan (CIP) development and uses it to build stakeholder support, projects future revenues by taking a planner’s approach to combining long term water use trends with to expected or planned growth; uses a ‘serving size’ approach to estimate residential cost impact, as well as adding context through the latest economic and affordability indicators, to support an informed, data-driven approach to setting rates.


Session 8: Young Professionals, 2:30 PM

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile

Caroline Bishop, EIT – Tighe & Bond

Join us for an informative and interactive LinkedIn training session. Explore the platform’s significance to learn how to enhance your professional journey, boost your brand presence, and attract top talent. Gain insights into your audience and refine your content strategy. Discover real success stories from our team members who have leveraged LinkedIn for personal and company achievements. By the session’s end, you’ll have practical insights to maximize LinkedIn’s potential for personal and corporate growth on a professional level.


Session 10: Dams, 3 PM

Easton and Hemlock Reservoirs: Rehabilitation of Two 100-Year-Old Dams

Daniel Valentine, PE – Tighe & Bond
Phat Phung, PE, Aquarion Water Company

Aquarion Water Company owns 36 dams in Connecticut. They have a robust dam management program to prioritize, plan, budget, and invest in needed maintenance and capital repairs to their dams. Two approximately 100-year-old, large, high-hazard dams were identified for significant repairs and improvements to ensure that they were able to continue to provide a source of water drinking supply for Aquarion’s customers. Aquarion partnered with Tighe & Bond to design, permit, and administer construction for these two critical assets.


Thursday April 4th

Session 13: SCADA and Operational Tech, 9:30 AM to 11 AM

Assistant Moderator:

Joseph Popielarczyk, PE – Tighe & Bond


Session 15: Regulatory, 9:30 AM to 11 AM

Assistant Moderator:

Adam Yanulis – Tighe & Bond



Session 18: Safety/Emergency Preparedness, 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Assistant Moderator

Joseph Popielarczyk, PE – Tighe & Bond


Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Process, Risks, & Controls, 2 PM

Scott Smith, CSP, Lp.D – Tighe & Bond

This lecture will explore the history, process, risks, and best practice exposure controls for cured in place piping. Data is driven from case studies, process sampling results, and analytic analysis presenting a fundamental introduction to the CIPP process.