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Niantic Pump Station Upgrades Showcased in Case Study

In the face of repeated mechanical issues at a critical wastewater pump station, the Town of East Lyme, Connecticut used innovative solutions and advanced 3D scanning & modeling techniques to develop a model of existing conditions at the station, then design and implement upgrades to successfully resolve the existing vibration concerns. In a case study of the project, the East Lyme Water & Sewer Department describes how these issues were identified and addressed to increase the resilience and efficiency of the Niantic Pump Station.

Our engineers assisted the Town of East Lyme on the Niantic Pump Station project, providing 3D scanning and Revit modeling services. The rapid development of a reliable existing conditions model allowed the client to identify discrepancies between the original 1960s record drawings and the actual state of the facility. Proactively identifying these inconsistencies allowed for the development of an accurate model for design, minimizing project time and cost for the client.