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PFAS Detection and Treatment Solutions for Princeton

Following detection of PFAS in the Town Hall Campus’ drinking water supply well, MassDEP required the establishment of 500-foot radii around the Town Hall well and around private supply wells where PFAS are detected. Tighe & Bond provided LSP-of-Record services, developed GIS mapping, adding color coding to the maps based on the laboratory results which provided an excellent visual representation of the geospatial distribution of PFAS.

Tighe & Bond performed the field sampling and maintained results in a comprehensive database. In addition, Tighe & Bond interfaced with a local vendor to install granular activated carbon (GAC) point-of-entry treatment (POET) systems in residences that had regulated PFAS concentration sums in excess of 20 parts per trillion (ppt). Tighe & Bond performed monthly sampling of POET systems and quarterly sampling of other homes where PFAS concentration sums were less than the proposed MCL of 20 ppt and followed up with notification to each homeowner within 24 hours of receiving results.

In addition to the field sampling activities, Tighe & Bond prepared the required MCP reports consisting of an IRA Plan and IRA Status Reports, as well as monthly updates for MassDEP on recent results and POET system installations.

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