Water and Fire Booster Station Asset Evaluation

Project Highlights

  • Site/Civil Engineering
  • HVAC Evaluation
  • Structural Evaluation
  • Water and Fire Pump Evaluation
  • Electrical Systems Review
  • Hazardous Building Materials
  • Assessment

Mountain Booster Station Evaluation and Upgrade

Tighe & Bond comprehensively evaluated the existing domestic water and fire booster station for a well-known sound products manufacturer in Framingham, MA. This half-century old critical infrastructure asset provides supplemental pressure for the domestic water and fire protection systems for several buildings on Bose Mountain, including Bose Corporate Headquarters.

This evaluation aimed to identify the criticality of booster station equipment and infrastructure to determine what components should be upgraded or replaced to improve operations and reliability due to increasing repair and maintenance demands. Our inspection took a Whole Asset approach in reviewing this critical asset, including general civil/site infrastructure, process/mechanical equipment, building envelope, electrical, instrumentation, and building support systems.

The condition assessment was be based on visual inspection, age of the equipment/structure, known deficiencies, energy efficiency, and safety and regulatory concerns. Our observations compared the booster station asset to current regulatory codes and guidelines such as the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), hydraulic institute standards, International Building Code (IBC), National Electric Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)guidelines, and general compliance with OSHA safety requirements.

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