Anaerobic Digester Assessment & Sludge Management Upgrades

Project Highlights

  • Water Pollution Control Plant Evaluation
  • Facilities Plan
  • Design and Construction Phase Engineering Services

Wastewater System Assessments Lead to Efficient Upgrades

Tighe & Bond has completed a number of recent wastewater projects with the Town of Southington, starting with an evaluation of their wastewater collection and treatment system and the development of a facilities plan at the Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF). As part of the facilities plan, our team completed the design and construction of interim improvements and upgrades to the plant as the Town considered longer-term options. Our team completed an anaerobic digester cleaning and conditions assessment project, as well as sludge management improvements to eliminate co-settling of sludge and to reduce odors. The project leveraged an existing underutilized building and tanks to keep project costs low and reduce sludge hauling costs for the town. The upgrades include:

  • Two new, 300 GPM rotary drum thickeners (RDTs)
  • Sludge feed pumps and grinders, thickened sludge discharge pumps, polymer feed systems, and ancillary equipment
  • Conversion of former rectangular clarifiers to covered aerated sludge mixing and blending tanks
  • Repurposing of the former sodium hypochlorite storage tank room to house the new RDTs and polymer feed system
  • New HVAC systems, odor control systems, and upgrades to related building support systems
  • Hazardous building materials abatement including asbestos and PCBs

Services Snapshot

Working with the Town of Southington, Tighe & Bond assessed the Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) and anaerobic digester, formulated a Facilities Plan, oversaw the design and construction phase, and provided engineering services.

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