Southington WPCF – SCADA Upgrade

Project Highlights

  • Installation of New SCADA System on Two Servers
  • New Ethernet Communications Loop
  • Programming for 9 PLCs

Upgraded SCADA Offers Plant Operators Full Control

Tighe and Bond completed the installation of a new Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View SE Supervisory Control and Data Administration (SCADA) system installed on 2 Dell Servers connected to 9 Thin Clients located throughout the campus of the Southington Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF). Each Dell server is located at different ends of the facility and programmed to automatically fail over to the other server in case of a failure. In addition to the new SCADA system, Tighe and Bond designed a new Ethernet communications loop using a fiber optic pair of cables between each of the site buildings. The design allows each Thin Client terminal to connect to the nearest available server in case one of the communications paths is disrupted. The SCADA system has Alarm Notification software to alert operators of an issue. There is also Reporting software that automatically fills in data into the CT-DEEP forms required monthly reports.

Tighe and Bond also provided System Integration including programmable logic controller (PLC) programming for 9 PLCs including the new Phosphorus Removal building. All of the new equipment uses Ethernet communications to control the VFDs for the blowers and pumps. We worked with the Equipment Manufacturers’ programmers to fully integrate the new equipment into the new SCADA system. The design called for extra fiber optic paths to be used for the new Building Maintenance System (BMS – HVAC) and for the security network including monitoring cameras and recording equipment.

The facility is now in compliance with the latest state and federal regulations.

Services Snapshot

As part of the Southington WPCF Upgrades project, Tighe & Bond installed a new SCADA system on two servers connected to nine clients located throughout the WPCF campus. Tighe & Bond also provided system integration services for nine PLCs, including for the new Phosphorous Removal building.


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