Facilities Improvements for East Longmeadow Public Schools

Project Highlights

  • Ventilation System Review
  • 5,000 SF Addition to Meadowbrook School
  • Classroom & Locker Room Upgrades
  • Electrical & Heating System Improvements

MEP/FP Upgrades Include Improved Ventilation, Electrical, and Heating Systems

As part of an ongoing on-call contract, Tighe & Bond has provided engineering services for a variety of public school projects for the Town of East Longmeadow. These projects include:

Meadowbrook School Addition: Tighe & Bond provided geotechnical, site/civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering services for the design, bidding, and construction phase of the proposed addition. The 5,000 SF addition consists of four classrooms, new boys and girls multi-user bathrooms, a staff bathroom, storage, utility spaces, and circulation spaces. The building design features efficient air-source heat pump systems, upgraded electrical distribution, new plumbing systems, and stormwater management improvements.

COVID-19 HVAC System Study: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tighe & Bond provided assessment and engineering services to evaluate the existing HVAC systems in all five East Longmeadow Public Schools (ELPS). Services included field investigations, ventilation system review and analysis, development and prioritization of recommendations, and development of a report summarizing findings. Tighe & Bond provides ongoing support to the Town and ELPS to implement improvements.

Mapleshade and Meadowbrook School Electrical Upgrades: Tighe & Bond provided design, bidding assistance, and construction phase services for electrical improvements at the Mapleshade and Meadowbrook Elementary Schools. This included design for the removal and replacement of existing feeder conductors, replacement of the existing utility service from the utility pole to the main distribution panelboard, , new main distribution equipment, and site utility work for service conduits and pad-mounted transformers. These projects improved facilities with limited existing spare power capacity or spare circuit breakers to new and upgraded electrical systems that can be easily expanded upon as future improvements may necessitate.

Mapleshade School Heating System Upgrades: Tighe & Bond provided design, bidding assistance, and construction phase services for a phased, multi-year replacement of the heating system at the Mapleshade Elementary School. The existing steam heating system was original to the 1955 construction of the school, and portions of the steam distribution piping had failed. Given the ongoing maintenance difficulties and reliability issues, the Town elected to proceed with a complete replacement of the steam and condensate infrastructure throughout the school. As part of this project, Tighe & Bond provided mechanical, electrical, structural, and hazardous building material assessment (HBMA) services.

East Longmeadow High School Locker Room Upgrades: Tighe & Bond provided design, bidding assistance, and construction phase services for the renovations of the athletic locker room facilities at the East Longmeadow High School. The scope of services included architectural services (provided by a partner subconsultant), mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. The result of the project was completely new locker room facilities, including interior finishes and associated HVAC and plumbing systems.

Mountain View Classroom Addition: Tighe & Bond provided HBMA, geotechnical, site/civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services in support of an expanded classroom building at Mountain View Elementary School. The existing modular classroom building had exceeded its useful life expectancy and was in need of replacement. Tighe & Bond’s scope of work includes conducting a soil and site assessment and geotechnical evaluation, as well as providing HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection system design for the new classroom building.

Services Snapshot

Tighe & Bond provided design, bidding, and construction phase services for the Town of East Longmeadow in support of various public school projects. Tighe & Bond’s scope of work includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP/FP) engineering, as well as HBMA, geotechnical, structural, and site/civil engineering services.

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