Boston Public Schools
On-Call Environmental & LSP Services

Project Highlights

  • Site Assessment & Remediation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Drinking Water Sampling Program Implementation
  • GIS & Data Management

Environmental Assessment & Monitoring for New England’s Largest School System

Tighe & Bond was awarded a contract with Boston Public Schools (BPS) Facilities Management to provide on-call advisory Professional Environmental and Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services. As part of this contract, Tighe & Bond has provided site assessment and remediation, regulatory compliance, drinking water, GIS, and asset management services.

Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Compliance: This includes design, monitoring, and maintenance of sub-slab depressurization systems and other site remediation systems, site investigations/assessments, including groundwater, soil, soil gas, indoor air, and treatment system sampling, serving as the LSP of record for all BPS release site projects, completing/submitting MCP-required reports, including monitoring reports, status reports, and site assessment reports, and performing third-party review for work and reports completed by others for the City of Boston on BPS properties.

PCB-Containing Building Material Regulation Compliance: This includes conducting visual inspections and PCB wipe sampling of PCB-containing building materials while documenting data and results in inspection reports. BPS’s Drinking Water Sampling Program Implementation: This includes activation/annual sampling, and maintenance of all data, floor plans, and photo logs documenting each fixture used for water consumption. Activation sampling includes three rounds of lead and copper and one round of coliform sampling (if filtered) for all drinking water fixtures prior to use. Annual sampling consists of lead and copper sampling once per year for all active drinking water fixtures.

BPS’s Science Safety Program Implementation: This includes annual inspection and testing of safety equipment, including fume hoods, eyewashes, safety showers, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and spill kits at BPS High School science classrooms and laboratories, and annual audits of BPS High School science classrooms, laboratories, and chemical storage rooms.

BPS’s Confined Space Program Redevelopment: This includes an updated inventory and labeling of all confined spaces at BPS schools/buildings, updated confined space assessment reports for each, and confined space awareness training for BPS staff.

MassDEP Source Registration Program Compliance: This includes inventorying all fuel burning equipment, document operations, fuel usage, and emissions for each, along with completion/submission of reports to MassDEP for each BPS facility required under the program.

GIS Services: All data management will be transferred to GIS, including drinking water analytical data, floor plans, photos, and sample point locations, science room laboratory and safety equipment and chemical storage locations, confined space locations and photos, and release site monitoring and remediation system locations and analytical data.

Services Snapshot

As part of an ongoing on-call contract with Boston Public Schools, Tighe & Bond has provided Professional Environmental and Licensed Site Professional services in support of several projects.

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