Ian Catlow, PE

Vice President / Technical Director

“Good design is the product of knowledge and experience, so I constantly try to understand how my clients do their jobs and what could make life easier. When our entire team understands ‘how’ and ‘why’ things work the way they do, we can create solutions that improve communities and the environment.”

Ian Catlow has more than two decades of water and wastewater design experience working on projects throughout New England. He has played a leadership role in the design of numerous wastewater collection and treatment projects ranging from combined sewer separation work in Boston to water reuse systems at Gillette Stadium, and the first ballasted biological flocculation treatment system in the United States.

Most recently Ian’s work has included numerous low-level nitrogen and phosphorous removal projects across the region. These projects have included planning, design, and construction phases work at plants facing some of the tightest discharge limits in the region.

Ian has also served as a past chair of the NEWEA Water Reuse Committee and is an active member of the Small Community Outreach and Collection System Committees.

Life Outside of Work

Out of the office Ian enjoys fly fishing, cycling, and spending time with family and friends.