Katy Wilkins

Project Manager

“I enjoy taking on a project and figuring out how to best help our clients navigate local, state, & federal regulatory frameworks. I enjoy working with local municipalities & power utility companies to help maintain and improve our infrastructure & provide a benefit to our community & environment.”

Katy Wilkins has ten years of experience in wetland evaluations and natural resources surveys. She is responsible for inland and coastal wetland delineations, wetland mitigation monitoring, construction monitoring, natural community surveys, report preparation and permitting. She has worked throughout New England and specializes in projects subject to the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and New Hampshire Wetlands Protection Administrative Rules. She uses her experience in botany, soils, wildlife habitat assessments, and interpreting regulations to conduct field work and develop environmental permit applications.

Outside of Work

Outside of work I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants and breweries, and spending time with friends and family. I enjoy attending my children’s sporting events and am involved in our local youth hockey program as an active member of the board of directors.