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Real Estate

Client Collaboration at its Best

Real estate development is a dynamic and ever-changing force for positive change that shapes the landscape, creating more dynamic and resilient communities. Our experts work closely with owners throughout the acquisition, planning, designing, permitting, approval and construction phases of any given project. Our portfolio of hundreds of projects across the Northeast includes corporate and industrial parks, commercial, retail and mixed use developments, brownfield redevelopments, residential housing complexes, transit-oriented developments, continuing care communities, and more.

Easy to Use One-Stop Shopping

One-stop shopping for real estate development services includes: site evaluations; traffic and parking solutions; assessment of environmental impacts; permitting; design; bidding, and construction support. Our ability to staff land development projects from planning through commissioning is unique. This is especially so when coupled with our water and wastewater expertise. We offer the convenience of a single point of contact, and the peace-of-mind of a single point of responsibility. When time is money, our broad-based capabilities offer the most efficient approach and highest degree of control over schedule and budget.

Regulatory Savvy Meets Permitting Success

In addition to strong relationships with regulatory agencies, we have a successful track record of permitting complex projects. Quickly navigating complex permitting pathways can be critical to a project’s success. Other services include soils management, as well as environmental due diligence and site remediation.

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