Rick Gille

Project Manager

“My favorite part of my job is the process of assessing large, complicated sites in a team setting. Few things are as satisfying as bringing to bear everyone’s individual strengths to solve a complex problem. It inspires the confidence needed to stretch one’s self technically.”

Richard Gille is a Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) with 24 years of broad experience working for private and public sector clients on projects involving the assessment and remediation of environmental impacts. Richard has significant technical experience in the characterization and remediation of sites impacted by PCBs, metals, chlorinated solvents, and petroleum products (including coal tars and MGP residuals). Richard has worked under a variety of regulatory programs throughout the Northeast, including state brownfields programs, state and federal enforcement programs, the federal Superfund program, and RCRA Corrective Action.

Life Outside of Work

Outside of work, Rick enjoys spending time with his family and hiking with his son. He is an avid fitness enthusiast, music lover, and a fan of Japanese tattooing and Ukiyo-e art.