Drinking Water

For 100 years, Tighe & Bond has provided many communities with comprehensive engineering services to ensure that residents have an adequate supply of quality drinking water. Services we offer include identifying and quantifying needs, assessing existing groundwater or surface water supplies and researching the cost of water from other sources, as well as designing treatment, storage, pumping and distribution systems, for both new and rehabilitated facilities. We also assist cities, towns and investor-owned utilities with the development of capital improvement plans for asset management, negotiating water treatment or purchase agreements, and permitting, researching and accessing all available funding opportunities. For more than a decade we have published water rate surveys and can complete cost of service studies to assist our clients in establishing fair and equitable rate structures.

Our engineers have in-depth experience in hydraulic as well as water quality modeling, and regularly develop water supply plans and source protection plans. We are fully-versed in treatment technologies for both groundwater and surface water supplies and have extensive experience with filtration, chemical feed systems and residuals management.

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