Sustainability permeates the way we do business. It's an integral part of our philosophical and stated mission that emphasizes our daily obligation to evaluate and present the most sustainable options and systems to our clients. Our well-respected site/civil, environmental, structural, electrical, and transportation engineers specialize in developing and evaluating green and energy efficient project designs. As such, we are well equipped to provide sound, creative, and sustainable solutions to diverse civil engineering and environmental challenges.

Although some sustainable options might have a higher initial cost, many are substantially more cost effective and less expensive in the long run. In some instances, the greatest value can be seen by evaluating the life cycle costs of a product or system. In the end, there are always varying degrees of sustainable options with varying price tags. To uncover them may just require a more creative approach to client specific problem solving.

With local New England roots that have been running deep for more than a century, we are deeply committed to practicing and designing green and safe guarding the communities in which we live, work and enjoy an exceptional quality of life. Our sustainable services include:

• LEED design, certification and commissioning
• Low impact design and land use strategies
• Transit oriented development
• Renewable energy and alternative energy development
• Energy and resource conservation
• Wetland and ecological services for ecosystem preservation and restoration
• Brownfields redevelopment
• Beneficial reuse of demolition debris
• Environmental permitting and planning
• Water reuse and recycling
• Landfill reuse and remediation
• Greenhouse gas analysis and reporting

We also incorporate sustainable practices at our offices — whether it's recycling paper, printing double-sided documents or even refraining from printing — we recognize that even the little things go a long way toward reducing our own carbon footprint. 

Recently, we commissioned new corporate brochures and folders that use green materials and technologies. The paper is 100% recycled and the ink is vegetable-based. More than 50% of the power used to print them came from hydroelectricity and the printing was Forest Stewardship Council certified.

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