Environmental Permitting and Planning

The fundamentals of most environmental regulatory programs involve identification of impacts, assessment of alternatives and evaluation of measures to avoid, minimize and mitigate adverse impacts. Our thorough understanding of ecological systems, natural and cultural history, and wildlife and fisheries habitat requirements, combined with our knowledge and familiarity with local zoning and environmental regulations, allows Tighe & Bond to successfully negotiate the complex permitting arena in the Northeast.

Our experienced team of wetlands scientists, engineers, planners and permitting experts collaborates throughout all phases of a project to identify potential permitting challenges, engineering tradeoffs, and impacts to construction costs and schedules that may arise due to regulatory review. This approach reflects the fact that achieving project proponents' goals and avoiding environmental impacts are rarely mutually exclusive events.

Tighe & Bond staff have significant experience in environmental restoration projects. These include the restoration of impacted wetland systems, stream bank stabilization projects, dam removal, fish passage enhancements and major infrastructure repair. The appropriate planning for these projects is essential to a successful restoration. We also have experience with community master plans, open space and recreation plans and various types of infrastructure plans.

Environmental Permitting and Planning
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