Demolition and Asbestos Hazardous Materials

Engineering the demolition of industrial, municipal, commercial or institutional buildings requires specialized engineering expertise as well as the ability to handle the hazardous materials often generated. Tighe & Bond has supervised demolition at a wide variety of sites with a team of skilled structural engineers, asbestos designers and licensed environmental professionals. We can handle it all safely, quickly and cost-effectively. We prepare detailed demolition specifications and bidding documents, conduct bidding and supervise abatement, remediation, demolition and site restoration.

With significant expertise in all aspects of demolition engineering, Tighe & Bond has efficiently completed many projects where demolition requirements were complicated by existing conditions and/or desired end-uses of a site. A sound demolition strategy, precise demolition contract documents and vigilant construction-phase oversight are essential to achieving project/site redevelopment goals and avoiding delays, liability and unforeseen costs.

Our demolition engineering efforts consider all issues associated with preparing a site for redevelopment, including cost control, material salvage, public relations, permitting, environmental issues, structural issues, protection of historic structures, selective and complete demolition, and logistical constraints.

Demolition and Asbestos Hazardous Materials
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