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GIS/Asset Management

Managing facility and infrastructure assets throughout their various life cycle stages is challenging. However, having a good asset management plan in place can maximize performance efficiency and reduce overall costs. An integrated set of strategies that analyzes existing infrastructure to extend its service life and maintains expected service levels is key. Geographic Information System (GIS) services can play an important role.

The GIS Foundation

For decades, we have been providing GIS services to help our clients manage their data and assets. This geospatial foundation stores and displays accurate reflections of real-time locations and circumstances, allowing organizations to make better decisions over time. Plus, it is easier to assemble, analyze and manage facility and asset data stored in GIS. This can contribute to more efficient and cost-effective design, construction, and maintenance projects. We’ve seen superior results, time and time again.

A Team Dedicated to Serving Northeast Communities

Tighe & Bond delivers informed and well-developed GIS solutions to our clients with a full-time staff of GIS analysts, technicians, programmers, and information technology (IT) professionals. We develop cutting-edge and customized GIS applications for both public (including municipalities, water suppliers, sewer agencies) and private clients.

Specifically, we help by developing, maintaining, and delivering GIS-related products and services. Our work regularly consists of the field data collection, data verification, training, large format map scanning and conversion, and application development.

Our Services

Our broad range of GIS services includes asset inventory and management, hydraulic modeling, utility mapping, as well as parcel and land use data management. In addition, we offer web-based GIS hosting applications, full-scale GIS implementation planning, and GIS software training.

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