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Aboveground Storage Tanks: Finding Flaws Before They Find You

Routine inspections by certified professionals can help identify corrosion, leaks, structural issues, or potential hazards.

Massachusetts Aboveground Storage Tank Use Permit Renewal Forms Due In February

The Department of Fire Services (DFS) issues permits for the construction and use of Aboveground Storage Tanks in Massachusetts…

Staying Compliant: New Standard for Aboveground Storage Tanks

Massachusetts Department of Fire Services has begun auditing ASTs for compliance with the Massachusetts 502 CMR 5.0 regulations.

AST Declaration Submission Deadline Approaching for New MassDEP Requirement

The Massachusetts State Fire Marshal’s Office is notifying aboveground storage tank (AST) owners that they must provide an Approved Standard Declaration for each permitted AST no later than August 30th, 2019.