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Recognizing Women in Engineering: Rayhan Al-Majahed

Recognizing National Safety Month and International Women in Engineering Day this June, we have the opportunity to focus on the accomplished women of our firm and the important contributions they make to building a safer, healthier environment in the field and in the office. This month, we got the chance to meet with Staff Engineer Rayhan Al-Majahed to discuss the important work she does in the field and alongside her colleagues on the Safety Committee, as well as the impact of a good mentor; and advice she has for women entering the engineering field. Rayhan works in our Land Use Business Line out of our Shelton, Connecticut office and has experience on a variety of land use and transportation projects with specialties in plan development and site observation. Rayhan hopes to pursue a leadership path as a project manager and a college professor to mentor the next generation of engineers.

Q: How does the work you do contribute to building a safer, healthier environment?

A: I think my experience out in the field gives me a completely different perspective compared to a lot of the engineers who may spend more time in the office, even though I’m sure they’ve had their own unique experiences. Sometimes there are people who are more into the design aspect of engineering, which is done in the office, but I wanted to be out in the field. I asked to be put on an assignment that would allow me to do that because it’s important to see both sides of engineering. In terms of safety especially, I could fill out a safety plan from the office, but when I’m in the field I can pick out potential hazards firsthand. I also felt as though joining the team for the Safety Committee was very beneficial because my perspective from the field can help eliminate potential hazards on a job site and make sure all workers are properly trained.

Q: What advice do you have for women who are looking to break into the engineering field?

A: To be honest, toward the beginning of my career I was intimidated, not due to my work environment, but rather because of being a woman working in the engineering world. Coming into a male-dominated field, I wondered if as a woman would my input on projects be considered as relevant. That was a personal mentality that I had to break and realize that I was hired because I am beneficial to the team, and they want my input. It really comes down to confidence; it sounds cliché but it’s extremely important. Confidence is making a difference for me because I have a client I work with now that really values my thoughts and will call me to run his ideas by me.  So, be confident coming into the job and don’t be intimidated; there is a reason you are here, your opinions are appreciated, and know you are going to be great.

Q: Are there any mentors at Tighe & Bond whose guidance has been important to planning your next steps in your career?

A:  One of my biggest mentors is Senior Project Manager Andrew White. He took the initiative to mentor me and is someone who has definitely boosted my confidence. Andrew has walked me through my career. I started as an intern after meeting him at a Career Fair in college, and then he hired me. So, I’ve been working one-on-one with him for the last two years. Andrew pushes me to be my best and has had the biggest impact on my journey at Tighe & Bond.

Q: What does a safe work environment mean to you, and how does Tighe & Bond’s Safety & Health Committee work to build that environment?

A: Essentially, our goal as a committee is to speak about any near misses or safety incidents that may have happened and how we can work to prevent them. We regularly go out on field safety inspections to ensure our employees are in a safe environment. We confirm that our employees have the proper personal protective equipment such as hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, etc. We work to make sure safety training and safety practices for our current and new employees are efficient and easy to learn. Our committee gets to speak for the company as a whole because all of our members are from different discipline areas of Tighe & Bond, so we are making sure there are diverse levels of experience and expertise