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Recognizing Women in Engineering: Leah Hall

Recognizing National Safety Month and International Women in Engineering Day this June, we have the opportunity to focus on the accomplished women of our firm and the important contributions they make to build a safer, healthier environment in the field and in the office. This month, we got the chance to meet with Staff Engineer Leah Hall to discuss the important work she collaborates on as well as the impact other women in engineering have had on her, the advice she has for women entering the engineering field, and what Tighe & Bond’s work environment means to her.  Leah works in our Water Business Line and has experience on a variety of water and wastewater projects, with specialties in water and wastewater treatment, water storage, and water system planning. A graduate of Lehigh University, Leah received her Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and researched the source-tracking of waterborne pathogens.

Q: How does the work you do contribute to building a safer, healthier environment?

A: Clean drinking water and reliable sanitation are crucial for a healthy society. It is essential to create resilient treatment and distribution systems and to continually adapt to new research, regulations, and environmental changes.

Q: What advice do you have for women who are looking to break into the engineering field?

A: Do it! Engineering continues to evolve and become a more inclusive field of work. There is still progress to be made, but you will find that other women in engineering will cheer you on, and both our field and our society will benefit from increased diversity of thought.

Q: Are there any women mentors at Tighe & Bond whose guidance has been important to planning your next steps in your career?

A: Having guidance and mentorship from senior leadership and more seasoned engineers – especially other women! – was so important when I started out at Tighe & Bond. I’m excited that the Supporting Women at Tighe & Bond Employee Resource Group has added to an inclusive culture that supports women in their careers.

Q: What does a safe work environment/culture mean to you, and how does Tighe & Bond’s DEI Committee work to build that environment?

A: A safe work environment is one that welcomes, values, and responds to the thoughts and opinions of ALL its employees. Tighe & Bond’s DEI Committee aims to constantly learn from one another and question the status quo to make our workplace more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the committee for a few years, and I love that we can contribute to a safe and accepting company culture.