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Making a Difference for STEM/STEAM Day

The annual STEM/STEAM Day continues to fuel the discussion about the importance of STEM education for kids. Our engineers, planners, and environmental scientists regularly volunteer for STEM/STEAM activities to show kids what STEM careers they can pursue and how they can improve their own community for the better. This year we asked our team to share how they are inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders.

How do you inspire others to pursue a STEM career?

“I encourage others to pursue STEM careers in something they are passionate about. Careers in STEM provide endless opportunities to positively change the world while doing something you love.” – Isabella Cobble, Staff Engineer

What inspired you to go into a STEM career?

I will never forget the STEM professionals who visited my 3rd-grade class and inspired my life-long interest in science. I hope to keep paying that forward. – Dan Buttrick, Sr. Engineer

I grew up exploring the beauty of the Pennsylvania Wilds, which fostered my passion for environmental stewardship. Combining this with my love of science and problem solving, a career in STEM was a natural fit and allows me to find solutions to environmental problems. – Kristin Dippold, Environmental Planner

Why is it important to inspire younger generations to pursue a STEM career?

“My coworkers and I get involved with younger generations. Even if it’s just for a one-day event at least it’s exposing them to something in STEM.” – Kamila O’Neill, Project Engineer

“It’s important we participate in professional associations. Many are reaching out to public schools or after school programs in communities to raise awareness for STEM education and different opportunities that are out there for careers.” – Tiffany Labrie, Vice President

What inspires you every day in your STEM career?

“The work is always full of meaningful outcomes. Engineering at its core is problem-solving, and we get to see real changes in our communities, for the better!” – Brandee Nelson, Sr. Engineer