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GIS-Based Asset Management: Tools for Operations

Now more than ever communities and utilities are benefitting from asset management programs (AMPs). No matter how simplistic or complex the systems, having instant and remote access to one’s water and wastewater asset data has never been more valuable. Thanks to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based asset management, virtual connectivity with assets and communication with operations staff is easier than ever. Whether working remotely, at the office, or in the field, utilizing GIS-based asset management allows directors, superintendents, managers, operators, and other staff to access vertical and horizontal asset inventory records, inspection logs, hydrant flushing, and valve exercising programs, as-built plans, tie-cards, work orders, maintenance history, and more at their fingertips. This is thanks to GIS-based asset management tools and applications that are accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Project Manager Dan Roop, PE, and GIS Technician Austin Canty have been conducting industry presentations and helping clients learn about the principles of asset management for water and wastewater systems and how GIS-based tools can support department staff with ongoing system operations and maintenance activities. They help clients identify and prioritize water and wastewater assets with the goal of supporting a preventative, rather than reactive, maintenance approach.

Most recently, they presented on this topic at the Barnstable County Public Works Association Virtual Meeting. Missed the presentation? Reach out to Dan or Austin directly to discuss your asset management needs.